Heavy duty leather rejuvenator / conditioner for extremely dry or water damaged leather. It was originally developed for museums to treat excavated leather artifacts and/or leather artifacts retrieved from water. Formulated for extreme cases of damaged leather.

It is ideally suited for extremely stiff leather or leather that is showing signs of deterioration. In many cases, old dried leather can be returned to its original condition.

Leather Rejuvenator is not just a leather conditioner, but a blend of polymers and copolymers that form a flexible interweaving substructure that adds strength and imparts softness to the leather. It is also formulated to help prevent further deterioration.

Directions for use see 'Specification' tab below.

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bottle Size: 8oz Directions
Step 1: If possible, remove any brass, silver, copper parts or insignias from the leather before applying Leather Rejuvenator. The conditioner can sometimes remove the patina on these items. If this is not possible, you can cover the parts with plastic or coat them with a heavy wax to protect them (the wax can be removed with a mineral solvent after treatment).
Step 2: Lightly dampen both sides of the leather (if possible) with water (lukewarm, never hot water), using a cotton rag or sponge, then wrap in plastic. Leave in plastic until the leather softens (this could take 2 to 6 hours). Large tems such as furniture.
Step 3: Remove the leather article from the plastic wrap and apply a generous coat of Leather Rejuvenator with a soft lint free rag or sponge. Be careful to work around any metal parts. After application, wrap the leather in plastic again and leave it covered for 24 hours. NOTE: It is important that the leather be kept wrapped in plastic in order to retain moisture and allow reaction of the oils with the leather. For heavier leather, a second application of Leather Rejuvenator should be applied prior to wrapping with plastic.
Step 4: When the leather has cured in the plastic for the allotted time, remove the plastic wrap and allow the item to dry slowly - for best results temperature of 60 to 70°F and relative humidity of 40 to 60%. NOTE: If the leather is not as soft as desired when dry, rewet the leather and repeat Steps 3 and 4. Any excess Leather Rejuvenator left on the leather surface can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth. Occasionally some leather does not soften after treatment. This is usually due to greases, fats or oils that have hardened in the leather and repel the chemicals. Also, leather that has been stored in a hot area for an extended period of time may be difficult to soften. This is known as “cooked leather”. To increase the longevity of the leather, apply our Leather Saver every 3 to 6 months or as needed, to help retain the softness of the leather and help prevent further deterioration. Leather Rejuvenator does not reconstitute nor strengthen rotted leather. DISCLAIMER: Being that leather is a natural material and is susceptible to varying degrees of deterioration, experience of the user and may be applied under conditions beyond our control, as seller, we make no warranty expressed or implied as to this material or its use. All information stated herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based on thorough testing.

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